EFD is a world-class company born from the effort to satisfy the technical needs of the film industry, with more than 20 years of experience in services, such as equipment rental, post-production, and production services.

The company arises in 1999 under the direction of Georgina Terán Gilmore, producer of feature films. In addition to its office in Los Angeles, California it also has offices in Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. It has provided equipment rental service in Latin America (Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador) Europe (Greece, Germany, Italy, and France) and Asia (Nepal and India).

EFD has also provided production services in France, Italy, Finland, Poland and Nepal.

EFD has established itself as one of largest film equipment rental companies in the world, with vast experience in Latin America and a strong international presence. The company is distinguished by having the most advanced equipment in technology for the audiovisual industry and its technicians are trained by different manufacturers in many parts of the world.